OPC Drum

Since our establishment, we have been catering to the ever-changing market demands by providing OPC Drum. It is widely used in printing industry owing to its customized design, perfect fitting to printing machine, durability and high bending strength. We have developed modernized delivery mechanism in order to timely deliver this product at our clients’ end. Offered OPC Drum is available at affordable prices in different specifications so that customers can obtain it as per their varying needs.

The word “organic” in Organic PhotoConductor (OPC) means that a photoconductor is manufactured from organic (carbon-based) chemical compounds. These photoconductive compounds are actually petrochemical derivatives originating from the fossil fuels petroleum, natural gas, and coal.

In contrast obsolete cadmium sulfide, older selenium-based, and newer amorphous silicon photoconductor materials are manufactured from inorganic alloys or compounds. These photoconductive materials originate from purified, naturally occurring elements such as cadmium, sulfur, selenium, tellurium, arsenic, and silicon. All are actually inorganic photoconductors (IPCs), but the industry has historically classified and referred to them based on the photoconductive material used in their manufacture.

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